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Weather and Palm Trees

To freeze or not to freeze . . .

Palm trees are tropical plants that die off in freezing weather, yes, even in Florida. Although not much can be done to stop arrtic cold blasts from entering Florida there is equally not much to do to your palm trees either. Which is why it is important to know which types of palms can survive and which can't. Even a few miles can make a big difference for certain palm trees.

That Dead Palm Tree Needs to be Removed

Palm tree removal service . . .

Can be found right here. A-Z Tree Service does palm tree removal services that range from Spring Hill to Trinity Florida. So if you need a palm tree removal company that's affordable and fast call us at 352-428-8910

Palm Tree Trimmers

How to know a good trimmer from . . .

Finding a real palm tree trimmer can be hard, lets face it everyone can cut a tree down but its really something a professional trimmer should be considered for when dealing with chainsaws and a possible lack of better judgement that could ultimately send your insurance premiums through the roof.

When you think Florida, you see palm trees.

Palm trees represent ten percent . . .

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